Empower Magazine kicks off Black History Month with a profile on two local brothers who have created an innovative educational tool to inspire and empower African-American youth to follow their dreams.

Missouri City residents, Shane and Nigel Mushambi, are no strangers to success. The enterprising siblings successfully launched 2 Bros in the Kitchen, a business and philanthropic venture that allows the empowering duo to display their baking skills while also giving back to the community, landing them national media coverage on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and Essence Magazine.

The brothers have published several books and recently celebrated the release of Dear Legends Coloring and Activity Book for African American Families, Teens, Boys and Girls, an educational tool designed to empower other African-American youth, like themselves. The 75-page empowerment book comes with a special letter that encourages readers to take pride in the fact that they have descended from a lineage of kings and queens and have power to make their dreams a reality.

In salute to Black History Month, Shane and Nigel shared their thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his impact on future generations of dreamers.

Martin Luther King,  Jr. was multifaceted; educated, well-spoken, humble, and an extraordinary leader.  On the surface, he had so many reasons to quit. He was betrayed by people he trusted. He was jailed for no reason. Through it all, he stayed focused on his dream to open the eyes of Americans to see African Americans as equals.  Martin Luther King, Jr. paved the path to success with his determination and grit. Now it is our time to walk on that path of success and achieve our dream. 

– Nigel and Shane Mushambi

Empower Magazine shares the inspiration behind Nigel and Shane’s latest venture and future goals in a special Q&A spotlight.

Describe the inspiration behind creating an empowerment coloring and activity book that you have just completed and why it is vital to each of you to empower youth through this book. 

Our book aims to inspire and empower African-American boys and girls. Historically, African Americans have been underrepresented in many occupations.  It is essential to show them doing many different professions. We want to show African-American youth that they can be anything they set their mind to.

Share the top things you hope young people gain from your activity book, and where can they purchase it. 

Our coloring and activity book is all about unleashing the vision, confidence, and power of African-American girls, boys, and teens.  This multi-faceted book will motivate them to aim for different occupations, inspire them with quotes from renowned African Americans, encourage them to think deeper and teach them about their heritage.

The book is broken down into the following components:

Dream It: Positive, inspirational images of African Americans pursuing occupations uncommon for our race, such as business owners, entrepreneurs, judges, doctors, engineers, and more. It also includes coloring pages with special needs individuals achieving goals.

Achieve It: Includes motivational quotes from past to current African-American leaders paired with a coloring page to bring it to life.

Work It: Engaging journal pages with thought-provoking questions that each family member can complete as self-reflection.

Track It: Provides an opportunity for setting goals and tracking your progress.

Learn It: Activities that will help you learn about your heritage and the amazing accomplishments of African Americans, past and present.

What would you say to other young people about how to make their ideas and dreams a reality?

Set small goals on your way to success and stick to them. Do not set your goals too high or too low, and know it’s ok to mess up along the way. Always aim higher than you shoot, and stay motivated.

What is on the horizon for each of you in the next five years?

My brother and I are planning to expand our business further into educational products. We are planning to start online math classes to help youth who are struggling with math. However, our charity work is very important to us and we will continue giving back to others.

Click here to check out Shane and Mushambi’s collection of published books covering a diverse range of topics from tips on business and building self-confidence to journaling and celebrating the super-hero within.

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