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Center Stage Gallery serves up blend of music and art

Photo credit:  Radio Galaxy and The Black Novas. The Memorial Day weekend kicked off to a great start with the unique sounds of Radio Galaxy and The Black Novas, as Center Stage Gallery hosted the Hue Note Cafe. Whether you are […]


A Farewell Salute to The “King of Blues” B.B. King

As I canvased the internet today reading up on the life and times of the “International King of Blues” B.B. King, I couldn’t help but recognize the extraordinary impact this legendary figure had on the music and entertainment industry. He […]


EM Music Critic’s review of “To Pimp a Butterfly”

Dr. William Hobbs, Empower Magazine’s Music Critic offers a singularly unprecedented review of Kendrick Lamar’s album, “To Pimp a Butterfly.” About Dr. William Hobbs William Hobbs (aka William Ashanti Hobbs, III) is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Atlanta, […]

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Fear of Flying

Want to Fly, But Fear Won’t Let You?

Aerophobia is the fear of flying and it affects 25 million Americans. It paralyzes them from seeing loved ones, accepting job opportunities, or seeing the world. Phobias are an intense fear of an object or situation. Phobias fall under the […]


Panic Attacks Can Be Stopped!

Mary’s chest is beating fast, she can’t breathe, is gasping for air, and she believes she’s having a heart attack. This is a very common thought when this is someone’s first time experiencing a panic attack. You cannot have a […]


Social Anxiety

What is social anxiety? It is an excessive fear of being in social settings. It is also known as social phobia. The person believes they are being watched, judged, or criticized by others. Social events are difficult because individuals that experience […]


Keep Calm and Call A Therapist

As you look at the news, there is so much going on. People need help! But why won’t they reach out? Maybe because of the stigmas associated with going to therapy and talking to a shrink. Where did that name come […]

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White House To Showcase America’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Photo credit: | Demo Day The stage is being set for the White House’s first-ever Demo Day this summer as a select group of entrepreneurs from across the country will be invited to Washington, D.C. to share insights on their journey to success. […]

Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Black History Tribute

For anyone who has not had a chance to visit The Martin Luther King Center headquartered in Atlanta, Ga, it’s a must-see destination to add to your “things to do” list. The Civil Rights Movement, birthed in response to the nation’s racial […]

Photo Credit: Vanderbilt Studies - Sarah Collins Rudolph shares her story of survival to over 500 students at Thurgood Marshall High School.

Sarah Collins Rudolph – The “Fifth” Little Girl

Photo credit: Vanderbilt Studios –  Sarah Collins Rudolph shares her story of survival to over 500 students at Thurgood Marshall High School. By Micole Williams and Andrea Henderson  Sarah Collins Rudolph remembers September 15, 1963 like it was yesterday. She and her […]

Words Imaga 0814

Words To Live By

School has begun. I have a large class. It is touted as being hard, difficult. It is not. If one studies, applies oneself. The thought of working to achieve a goal put me into the mind of a few of […]

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Largest African American Holiday Shopping Market

Let’s face it, this holiday season our consumers are looking for the latest in hair care, skin care, unique items, holistic health products and services, fashion, wearable art and a variety of information that will enhance their lives. December is […]


The Price of Poor Nutrition

By Health & Wellness contributor, Oscar Hines, certified wellness consultant Today despite all the advances in modern medicine, we have more disease than any other time in history. Why is this happening? The main reason is our foods. Frankly we […]


Empower Your Look with Kim Roxie

By Kim Roxie, owner of LAMIK Beauty There are plenty of opportunities ahead however, do we look like we are ready for the task? Is there room for improvement to resemble the Powerful look that is needed to gain respect […]

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Community Summit aims to bridge Families, Law Enforcement and Churches

A two-day community summit designed to begin a dialogue between families, law enforcement officials and churches and encourage a spirit of unity in the community will be held at Bethel’s Place Empowerment Center, 12660 Sandpiper, Houston, Texas 77035. The Summit, hosted by Pastor […]

ATLF winners w-board members

Three local students named 2015 Achievement Scholars

From left: Christopher Brown, ATLF Education Chairman; Jona Sargent, ATLF Vice Chair; Nakiyah Scott, Scholarship Winner; Ethan Lau, Scholarship Winner; Kenneth Williams, Scholarship Winner; Fredric Navarre, ATLF Board Chairman Three area students were named 2015 Achievement Scholars by the Achievement Through […]


Memorial Day Salute to our Veterans

Empower Magazine salutes the many men and women who have served in the U.S. military, past and present, and the countless who paid the ultimate sacrifice to uphold our country’s freedom. Among them, Empower Magazine editor-in-chief, Leon Jenkins, who retired from the U.S. […]